Mobile BPM PrimeBuilder

A mobile BPM platform for process automation
  • more than 55,000 corporate mobile users
  • more than 8,000 indirect customers
  • more than 10 million daily transactions
  • more than 200 direct customers
A mobile BPM platform for process automation
  • The tool to reinvent and transform the way in which organizations and people work.
A mobile BPM platform for process automation
  • SIMPLICITY and AGILITY for automating business processes through mobility.
A mobile BPM platform for process automation
  • A tool that greatly helps your company with Operating Cost Savings


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Want to receive alerts about delays and risks in your operation?
OS Mobile
OS Mobile Serviço - imagem 1OS Mobile Serviço - imagem 2OS Mobile Serviço - imagem 2
Want to ensure the execution of tasks and the quality of service of your staff?
OS Mobile
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Accompany your online brand at point of sale?
Promotor Online
Best Sales - imagem 1Best Sales - imagem 2Best Sales - imagem 2
Want to forget about order blocks and printed price lists?
Best Sales
MLocator - imagem 1MLocator - imagem 2MLocator - imagem 2
Want to ensure that your team is in the right place at the right time?
Tariphone - imagem 1Tariphone - imagem 2Tariphone - imagem 2
Want to prevent surprises on your mobile phone bill?
BI Mobile - imagem 1BI Mobile - imagem 2BI Mobile - imagem 2
Want to facilitate your company’s communication via SMS?
BI Mobile

OS Mobile


You want to monitor the execution of your service requests?

Ensure the quality and gain agility in customer service.

  • The team receives a service request via cellphone and starts the work, following the flow of predetermined tasks.
  • Allows photo capture, mobile screen signatures, bar code scanning and geolocation.
  • Streamlines sending information between the central and the in-field professional.
  • It enables the creation of electronic fences and sends alerts if the script is algtered.
  • Monitors the operation in real time.
  • Control panel with operational indicators.
  • Map showing real time team and services.
  • Online monitoring services.
  • Allows customers to view real-time progress of requested services.
  • Determines and lets you compare planned vs. actual (operating peaks, waiting time, event statistics, SLA, etc.).
  • Service level control (SLA) with color flags.

Promotor Online


Monitor the exposure of your brand online at POS (Point of Sale)?

Follow your brand at point of sale and increase the profitability of your business!

  • Reports filed via the mobile and the web.
  • Appointments with GPS location to ensure the prospective visit.
  • Photo capture directly by phone and online transmission.
  • Access to a web portal for complete management.
  • Complete and real-time information about selling points.
  • Online management of sales promotion activities.
  • Correct product position information at point of sale.
  • Online receipt of burst data, inventory, sales, exposure, etc.
  • Results and research tabs in real time.
  • Reducing steps and errors in the data tabulation process.
  • Flexibility and agility in creating research and scripts.
  • Online management reports to make quicker decisions.
  • Direct access to customer reports via the web.
  • Creating photo albums for submission of work to customers.
  • Easy access to reports on point of sale, including photos.
  • Analysis of the presence of the promoter in stores (planned vs. actual script).
  • Presence information, spinning and product profitability per customer per channel.
  • Visits motives of reports unrealized.
  • Analysis of franchises by volume of sales, exhibition of products, marketing materials, campaigns etc.

Best Sales


Want to track your sales force in real time?

Seller sends the sales order directly by phone.

  • Simple interface: displays all items on a smartphone screen.
  • Displays the financial history and customer sales.
  • Stores price lists.
  • Calculates taxes.
  • Points event of default and restrictions.
  • Allows the seller to monitor goals, check reports, commissions and record expenses.
  • Automates the issuance of requests.
  • Eliminates costs of printed forms.
  • Makes for safer billing practices and easier applications.
  • Enables full registration of customer data: forms of payment, deadlines, special conditions and so on
  • Allows the registration of photos of products that can be shown to the customer upon purchase.
  • Monitors in real time the progress of the sales team.
  • Checks whether routine visits are being conducted.
  • Ensures compliance with business policies of the company.
  • Allows the creation and management of personalized promotions.
  • Provides strategic information to help the team in negotiations.
  • Generates reports for monitoring commercial activities.
  • Allows a complete analysis of customer purchase profiles.
  • Features a control panel with full reports for analysis of the entire business operation.



Coordinating your team is easier when you know they're in the right place at the right time!

  • View employee position on maps.
  • Accompanies operations in real time.
  • Exact employee positioning on the map.
  • Ability to store and retrieve addresses.
  • Allows the registration of points of interest on the map.
  • Creates micro areas and issues warnings if the script is altered.
  • Informs customers on the progress of their services in real time.
  • Issues reports on displacement history.
  • Creates filters to group employees into different teams.
  • Allows the analysis of paths taken by collaborators, both visually on the map andthrough reports.



Want to control spending and manage mobile telephones in your company?

Prevent surprises in mobile and smartphone accounts.

  • Install covert applications that work independent from user commands on the device.
  • Performs the complete registration of mobile assets, inventory control, reserve equipment, chips, chargers and appliances that do not have a telephone line.
  • Enables the inventory registration of separate devices per location, cost center, department, user, operator etc.
  • Alerts users when roaming charges may apply.
  • Send messages with or without sound (push commands or SMS *).
  • Locates the mobile device.
  • Allows users to remotely, block and / or delete the device data in case of loss or theft.
  • Identifies excessive consumption of voice, SMS and data.
  • Allows management and comparative analysis of performance (best determined carrier signal level by region and battery consumption by manufacturer).
  • Inventories installed applications and identifies those that are not allowed to use.
  • Classifies calls as personal or corporate and records those which are not answered.

BI Mobile


Accelerate your company’s communication via SMS

  • Collection
    • Warning about upcoming or overdue payments.
    • Send new barcodes with a market value.
    • Contact for trading debt.
  • Financial
    • Bank transactions (credit / debit).
    • Current account balance.
    • Loyalty program points.
    • Card unlocking. Points in loyalty programs.
    • Barcode for invoice payments.
  • E-commerce
    • Order status.
    • Approval of the application.
    • Logistics monitoring.
  • Healthcare
    • Scheduling confirmation.
    • Reminder queries.
    • Examination results.
    • Vaccination campaigns.
  • Fidelity
    • Thanking customers for their purchases.
    • Birthday congratulations.
    • Holiday messaging.
  • Eeducation
    • Workshop enrolment.
    • Notice date and place of evidence.
    • Curriculum changes.
    • Reminder of replacement classes.
  • Services
    • Care protocols.
    • Selection process calls.
    • Notifications about the technical visit schedule.