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Learn how to propose appropriate solutions for your business

It is common to find several sites on the internet offering productivity courses. The practicality of these courses is the main attraction for professionals that are in the market and do not have the time nor the courage to face a classroom every day.

The most sensitive in all organizational processes is to set the best solutions to problems, both everyday problems and those that catch us off guard. Finding the best solution is to have full knowledge of the facts, understand the reason for the problem then setting the most appropriate path to propose solutions.

It’s a mistake to think that the best solution for your business is the most expensive or the most time-consuming one. The complexity of the solutions is intended for managers of a company, solely and exclusively for one reason: they know the company, the context in which it is inserted, in addition to having experience and knowing the market.

If you are reading this article, perhaps you have difficulties in choosing the best solution to the problems of your company, or you don’t know how to present your position to the other managers, right?

Even if you do not hold any position in any company as a manager, knowing how to propose solutions will be a differential and will reveal your leadership potential. Did you get interested? Continue reading and you will learn everything you need to know to make the best decisions, choosing the more assertive solutions for your business.

Enterprise solutions: are you doing it right?

The first step to setting an appropriate solution for your business is to have self-confidence, believing in your potential as a manager and decision maker. Besides, you need to have creativity to propose solutions to these problems (which seem to sprout from an inexhaustible source and never end).

There are some reasons why your team doesn’t know how to make decisions and it results in slower processes, therefore, generally affecting the productivity of the company.

Of course, each company has its way to operate the processes, as well as different goals. The 3 reasons we quote here are those that occur more frequently but that doesn’t mean they’re the only ones, ok?

So let’s unravel that they lead to even more problems and hinder the company in several ways, such as the lack of agility and loss of business opportunities.

1. Having no information

Choosing a solution without thinking of the numerous consequences that such a decision might cause is a common problem between several managers, especially if you are one of those who act on impulse.

This situation is extremely unpleasant due to the damage that it can generate for your business. Now that you know about this, before acting, bear in mind that your whole team gathered the maximum of necessary information regarding determined problem so that the managers choose the best solutions.

2. Avoid Large Groups

Nowadays much is said about the collaborative work environments, focusing on the interaction of employees. It is believed that when the team is related and exchange information, all this contributes to the efficiency of internal processes, in the same way that helps identify points to be developed together.

In the proposing smart solutions case, in a collaborative environment, the idea (most likely) will be discussed by a group of people until they find a consensus and thus, take a final decision to solve the problem. Can you imagine how long this process will take?

Avoid the most decisions involving too many people arguing different opinions that will cost you time putting all together.
If in your company the management staff is large and the discussions are always time consuming, which results in not defining appropriate solutions by the end of the meeting, it’s time for you to change this process.

Plan a meeting with a defined talking time for each manager, and, of course, a total time of duration of the meeting. Give everyone the opportunity to speak, but make sure to define the solutions without wasting time.

3. Fear due to lack of attitude

Surely you’ve heard about some ways to be a good business manager, haven’t you? And that involves managing a crisis, that is, being always ready to face any problem at all times.

By the paragraph above you could see you can’t be a good manager and be scared at the same time. But even so there are still some weaknesses in business management (in addition to the difficulty in agile solutions): the absence of responsibility caused by fear.

In every company some employees have autonomy to make decisions and they must be selected according to their competence to do so. This will lighten managers’ tasks and will provide the company a more comfortable path.

Encourage employees and make them feel part of the company. Instructing is the best way to get positive feedback. Employees who have this power of proposing solutions will feel confident and safe about the work they’ve been performing. And, consequently, you in the position of the manager can be reassured delegating functions.

Proposing solutions requires information

From what you’ve learned so far, the most important thing is to understand that the assertive solutions are not the most expensive or the most time consuming, but rather those that effectively solve the problem in the best way.

Do you realize that throughout the article we didn’t talk about the financial value of the decisions? Well, that’s it! The definition of solutions does not come from the financial part. This decision-making process starts with company’s managers thinking strategically.

And for this strategic action you only need one resource: information. They are the data that will be the basis for the growth and development of your company. Determine trends, standardize processes, watch the competition, analyze the market in general.
All of this and many other tasks require clear information.

We seek to optimize processes all the time, increase productivity, thereby increasing profits and do all that at an affordable price. The competitiveness grows because of how easy it is to do business nowadays.

To be assertive in your solutions, take information as a basis to develop the planning throughout the company. Believe in your manager sense, but don’t take it as the basis of a strategic action.

Have you got any questions? Understand the importance of data collection for entrepreneurship and business management.

Did this article help you get clear when choosing the most appropriate solutions for your business? Tell us in the comments.