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Learn how to increase productivity and improve your processes

Nowadays we need to have the amazing ability to manage the productivity of our time that is increasingly scarce. At least once in your life you must have thought that 24 hours wouldn't be enough to fulfill all appointments in a single day.

Nowadays we need to have the amazing ability to manage the productivity of our time that is increasingly scarce. At least once in your life you must have thought that 24 hours wouldn’t be enough to fulfill all appointments in a single day.

In the past, it seemed the day lasted more and now many people say “Wow, time has passed so quickly.” The truth is that things started to happen faster and we need to be vigilant to ensure that our productivity is not lost in the rush of everyday life.

In this article you will learn how to increase your productivity and the positive impacts that this action will cause in the processes of your company. The focus must be maintained to achieve several relevant results at each stage of the processes.

Productivity starts with you

The first step is to understand what productivity actually means. If you believe that productivity is to have many tasks to do and, therefore, spend all the time busy, you have a completely wrong view of productivity.

Being productive is to make a strategic management of your time, is to take advantage of the time and resources in the most efficient way to achieve a goal. Being productive is not a “thing” that just happens. Nobody is born productive; it is a competence that needs to be practiced.

Being busy doesn’t mean you are doing something productive. It is not because it seems you’re doing something that you actually are, and it also doesn’t mean you’re solving the problems. The focus of all work is the production or accomplishment of something. And it takes a lot of planning and a clear definition of a purpose to achieve goals.

Stay focused, make a strategic planning and commit yourself. Take all the necessary time to reach the goals you’ve aimed at. It is essential to maintain the focus to achieve satisfactory results.

And there is no focus without organization. Organize your business according to its importance and how much it will demand from you. Therefore, we stress the need for planning. Can you see how it is all connected?

Planning is not a waste of time. If you are not planning your work yet, certainly it is not as productive as it could be. Spending one hour to plan and organize saves you many hours during the week actually working.

To be or not to be multitask?

Our brain is unable to focus equally on two or more activities at the same time, especially those that require a more complex reasoning. When you get several things to do at the same time, you will realize that even unintentionally you will choose one of the activities and the other one will be left behind.

The idea of being a multitasking professional emerged along with the machines that can operate several things at the same time, however, we humans are not (and we’re far from being) like machines.

Harvard Business Review published an article bringing important data. The survey says that the professionals who perform simultaneous tasks may show a fall of up to 40% on quality of work and an increase of up to 10% on stress while working.

Do not harm your own work trying to be multitask, by doing this you are putting at risk your productivity. Organize your time and learn to focus on one activity at a time.

The multi-tasking professional well accepted in the market is the one who has technical expertise in different areas, transitioning on various subjects and issuing reasoned opinions not only in their area of training.

Productivity in the processes management

The crisis in the current scenario makes companies seek alternatives to maintain profit. The instability of the economy affects the company’s sustainability and constantly concerns managers to try increasing sales.

The first measure is to assess the organizations processes and productivity of the team. Managers are beginning to report each process and each employee in order to identify inefficient points and eliminate them.

It’s necessary to measure the value that you invest in the employee and what the return they’re generating is. Based on these reports, your decision making becomes more assertive in the face of the difficulties faced by your company.

Manage business, maintain expenses, analyze sales rates and what are the prospects for the next few months. However, examining staff productivity and defining indicators is not easy. So, we have selected some important tips to help you in this moment of decision-making:

1. Manage the time

Managing the time of employees is not only about controlling their entrance and exit to see if they are really clocking in. Your main task in managing the time of your team is understanding how each employee is organized and run an analysis whether the method chosen is the most efficient. Apply your knowledge in management to optimize staff time.

2. Fix your work routines

Some professionals take other responsibilities beyond those required, i.e. your employee will make many tasks, even being productive, they will be busy the whole time solving other people’s demands. For this, you need to make a correction in the processes.

Even if the employee performing a two-people job brings results, re-evaluate the salary of that employee and reward them for it. Follow closely the processes and make any changes it seems necessary to increase productivity.

3. Agility is a differential

The professional who needs to be motivated and rewarded is the one that can handle and finish their tasks before the deadline. This is the type of employee that your company cannot lose, because you can count on them to increase productivity. Value the agile professionals’ initiatives and give them certain autonomy to solve organizational problems.

4. Have your goals defined

With the 3 tips above you will redefine some employees’ functions, in order to make changes in the processes and closely follow the performance of your team. Having this optimization of the processes done, it is time to set goals for each one. The strategic plan should contain each one of these goals and how they contribute to the overall result of the company.

Productivity reveals the efficiency and the most important thing is that all of these analyses and internal changes bring results and a new vision about the opportunities for improvement in management processes.

In this article you learned how to increase the productivity of your company working on the agility of the institutional processes and team performance. Did you like what you’ve learned from us? Share with your friends on social networks.