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Getting to know productivity tools for your company

Time has been one of the most coveted things in recent years. Increasingly timed, we need productivity tools to streamline our work to get everything we need to do done.

Time has been one of the most coveted things in recent years. Increasingly timed, we need productivity tools to streamline our work to get everything we need to do done.

Being productive and dynamic is required by all businesses, for all positions, from the manager who takes major decisions to the intern who has just joined the team. Those are two qualities that ensure your job.

The deadlines are tight and appointments keep coming up in your address book, right? The only solution is to optimize your time and one way of doing so is to start using productivity tools.

Continue reading to know the main productivity tools that need to be part of your everyday life. Increasing your productivity is fundamental and we will give you some tips for you to make a difference in your company.

The organizational environment as a productivity tool

The first tip is not a tool or management software. The most valuable tip is to build intelligent enterprise relationships. You can find relationships with co-workers is an easy task. But putting this into practice is no piece of cake.

Creating a pleasant environment in a company and keeping it that way requires a lot of work. This must be the managers’ job along with the internal communications and human resources. Internal marketing actions should influence the behavior, as well as the levels of employees’ motivation. However, measure the performance of each of the departments.

Create a work-place environment survey, conducted by the human resources department to find out if there are any problems among the staff and if it has raised productivity and satisfaction at work. This research probably will show that the internal conflicts and lack of communication are the main problems.

These negative factors involve the emotional instability, loss of time and agility in processes. It might even lead to losing a good employee. After presenting these facts, you’ve probably understood better why the organizational environment is an organizational productivity tool.

4 tools to help productivity

We brought here the productivity tools available on the internet that stand out and are easy to use. The four tools consist on Google for Work. This platform brings a lot of technology and practicality to the business community.

Companies really invest in technology and you can’t fall behind. Evolving means using available resources strategically for you and your team work with focus on results optimized by the quality of the processes.

Improve your productivity with the four Google Tools:


The future is saving everything in the cloud and that’s what Gmail does. Everything is accessible from your computer or smartphone, you just need to have an internet connection. This tool came to fix all the problems faced with e-mails that did not work or that ran only on your computer at the office.

You don’t need to install Gmail to use it, just sign up for free. Everything is done through the browser, no matter where you are accessing it from. The space to file e-mails is enormous and you don’t have to delete messages because the inbox is full.

Forget about obsolete programs that depend on disk space for storing the messages. It is very easy to lose and find the e-mails saved in these systems. Your company must show that it follows the market changes and is prepared for it.

Google Calendar

Google applications stand out for the optimization of the time they can provide you. Google Calendar has this idea set clear, once it has been developed for you to create and organize appointments on a calendar, separated by month, date and time.

This is the best option for you who have got many appointments in order to always have them to hand. Google works synchronized, so if you update your calendar on your smartphone, as soon as you access it on your computer, the change will be done.

And there’s more: you can invite your contacts to take part in these tasks, that is, if you schedule a meeting with your friend and send an invitation that will be received as an e-mail, as soon as they accept that invitation, the meeting will also appear on their calendar.

Google Drive

The text and spreadsheets documents of your company previously were (or should be) stored in shared folders between computers in your department. Outside the company you don’t have access to anything that’s there, right?

Today people have flexibility in work schedules, or they work from home and need a platform to share data so that it’s not necessary to send an e-mail with files all the time.

Google Drive solves all these problems in the most efficient way you can imagine. This tool is great for files storage and has features that make your life much more practical. You can create texts, spreadsheets and slide shows.

Everything you create in Google Drive can be shared and edited simultaneously by another person, provided that you send the link of the file. By sending the document you can manage who is allowed to make changes and who could only view it.

Google Hangouts

When you work in the same physical place as your team, the exchange of information and opinions happens all the time, of course. In the case of a new scenario where people work also away from the office, familiarity and exchange are at disadvantage.

No more phone calls! Google Hangouts connects all the people in your team, as in a chat room, where your staff can interact and optimize the time. To be even more complete, this tool makes it possible to hold online meetings, as in video conferencing, allowing more than 2 participants in the conversation.

It is a great productivity and internal and external communications tool. Inserting these tools in your daily routine is very easy. Google for Work can meet many of your needs as a small or medium-sized company.

You’ve seen in this article the tools that will be useful to troubleshoot your everyday office issues and increase your productivity as well as your team’s.