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Entrepreneurship: 4 tips to undertake in technology even if you cannot program

Much is said about entrepreneurship and the advantages of being your own boss, deciding on your own working hours and investing in what you truly believe in.

Much is said about entrepreneurship and the advantages of being your own boss, deciding on your own working hours and investing in what you truly believe in. It is common to be in doubt regarding whether or not to become an entrepreneur.

The first step is to have strategical vision, know how to make decisions and take responsibilities. Owing your business is not only about hiring personnel and then wait for the results. You need to bear in mind that it takes a lot of work and dedication to reach the top.

Great entrepreneurs are the ones who know where they want to be and do whatever it takes to achieve success.

Information technology and the system development eases the identification of a new product or service suitable for investment. The only problem is that creating and programming a software might be quite complex.

Since understanding entrepreneurship is easier than learning how to program, we will help you by providing some tips on how to become an entrepreneur in the technology field even without having any programming skills.

  1. Have the entrepreneur’s profile

Entrepreneurship is part of a lot of people’s dream. And if you decided to face this challenge, your life will change completely, and I must tell you, it is no piece of cake.

Before starting, you need to be sure you are willing to invest time and money on your project. It takes a lot of will power and you must spare no effort to make it work. Entrepreneurship is not a natural gift, but a technique developed with time and practice.

We have listed five concepts every entrepreneur needs to follow:

  1. Get your ideas off the drawing board

Believing in entrepreneurship is not enough if you do not study thoroughly your idea. While you think about proposing the ideal project, know that someone else is already making the same project happen.

You cannot just stand idly waiting for the idea to pop up perfectly ready in your mind, you must analyze your possibilities until you get it right and then build up your business. Measure positive and negative points and analyze the viability of launching the project.

A good entrepreneur, besides researching constantly, must always be up to date with their market trends. Always seek knowledge and join the main events in your segment.

See 3 ways to innovate in technology business. Basically, you must know what is new and what is in the spotlight at the moment. Learning from others’ hits and misses contributes with insights to deploying your project.

  1. Use the right tools

Now that you know what it takes to be an entrepreneur, you need to get acquainted with the next steps to get your project off the drawing board. Lots of innovative ideas are with regard to platform creation for tablets, mobiles etc.

These applications are common on startups, once they propose new means of social interaction or new services. There are new tools nowadays that help you design an application sketch and run it using already existing templates.

As the relationship between entrepreneurship and technology also implicates in developing and creating applications, we will show you some tools to support you on the first steps as an entrepreneur.

Invision is great for those who are starting because of its visual and interactional resources for you to create your own application. This website was designed to create systems prototypes for both computers and mobile devices. On the interactive side, you can test the interface using the video and audio recording feature.

Another tool to create prototypes is Marvel. It is a simpler version of Invision. You will need to log in with your Dropbox or Google Drive account.

  1. Make it happen

Making it happen is entrepreneurship in real life. The most important tip is: do not put off for tomorrow. Procrastination is not part of an entrepreneur’s profile, that is for sure.

Do market research, collect information for your project and start running tests. The only way you will know whether your idea works is by putting it into practice.

Making a technology project work is not an easy task. You will need to study designing and programming language besides investing time to insert your application into online stores.

If you cannot program it is possible that when you hire someone to develop your project, it will not be exactly as you have imagined.

Thinking about that, a Brazilian group of developers launched Universo.mobi, an application factory designed especially for you who do not understand about programming but have a great insight on what would be a good application.

Universo.mobi is available in two versions: free or paid (with much more features included). After signing up you take the first steps towards creation process, starting with application design and content.

By browsing the internet, you will find many other tools well over the ones we have mentioned here that may help your project take the first steps. It is important to remember that every application needs adjustments as it goes for testing.

What defines whether your project is a success is your will to make it stand out. Attitude and power of will to pursue opportunities are the characteristics of an entrepreneur with strategical vision.

You need to have initiative, persistence, and commitment towards your business. Another important tip is: make lists to direct everything you need to do regarding investments. Have a detailed control of every penny you intend to spend on the project.

With this 4 tips you can already put your project into practice and become an entrepreneur. See also 5 tips to be a successful entrepreneur.

Are you a technology entrepreneur? We would like to know your opinion! Share with us by leaving a comment telling what you have been doing to succeed in your business.