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Business systems: 6 free recommended software

Choosing a system for a company is a task that requires more attention, because it is regarding the corporate management in general. The software must have some essential features of integration and parameterization, besides being easy to operate so you don't spend much time learning how to use the system.

Choosing a system for a company is a task that requires more attention, because it is regarding the corporate management in general. The software must have some essential features of integration and parameterization, besides being easy to operate so you don’t spend much time learning how to use the system.

A system for businesses must be customized according to the institutional policies, rules and procedures as well as other attributes that distinguish organizations.

Small and medium-sized companies find it more difficult to choose a software, since they don’t have a management system yet and a lot of questions about what will be truly useful arise.

Bearing in mind this difficulty in choosing the most suitable system for your company, in this article we will give you tips on how to select a management system and show you free software that you can use.

Business systems: how to choose?

The first step is consulting cost and benefit. Consider the advantages that the implementation of this system will bring your company. If you decide that the management system will be beneficial, considering it as an investment and not a cost, purchasing the software will be the best choice.

You may want a customized management system, made especially for your company and this is possible. However, the cost to create a software is much higher than buying or adapting an existing one.

The next few paragraphs are the steps you should follow and what to analyze when acquiring a system for businesses. If you started to undertake a short time ago or do not yet have enough resources to create your own system, there is a great solution for that and we will show you.

As soon as the need for a management system is established, make an initial assessment to define what your business needs according to the features and technologies in the system. The proper way to do so is by looking for a consulting firm specialized in information technology.

Review the features offered in the system you’ve chosen and if they meet your needs. See how the software application will impact your business bringing benefits such as reduction of cost and time in everyday operations; eliminating rework with an intelligent and integrated system; and increase in efficiency (mainly in customer) and competitiveness.

Just like any other entrepreneur, you will want a management system that meets all your requirements, without exception. But, because it is a developed software, what makes it possible is a customized system for your company.

It is through the flexibilization, parameterization and availability to develop special features, that you (as a company) will try to get closer to what would be your initial goal with a management system.

The product must be suitable with our tax legislation and you will need a guarantee of constant update, since the legislation changes and your company cannot fall behind.

Also check if the language used for the software development is legitimate and accepted in other places around the world. Choosing a database supplier that you will use requires a special attention, after all, it is a fundamental part for the whole system regarding security and integrity, in which all the information of your business will be stored.

Thinking about the integrity and security of the transactions, the management system must be traceable, offering you (software administrator) features that enable you to identify which user performed a particular action.

The system integration with the internet and other applications is extremely important to the any company’s management, regardless the segment. Nowadays with easily access to information and cheaper products, you will find management applications to share information about business resources planning. Don’t forget to evaluate the communication features.

Business systems: avoid risks

Implementing business systems is about the integration of all areas. It is a way of stimulating the interaction between employees while making them establish business relationships.

Before you close the deal, check the limitations of the system you are contracting, as well as the goals you have with this interactive function, because it will affect, directly or indirectly, the internal processes.

It is important to get as many references as possible, of both the product and the supplier. Find a reliable computer consulting firm and see who their partners are and what products they offer.

The implementation of the management system in your company will be done by a computer firm. Deadlines and installation cost must fit in the budget (with maintenance expenses).

Monitor the installation process to ensure that the service provider will deliver the system as requested, in accordance with the customization for your business. The installation team needs to be updated with the purpose of your project.

After installing the program, you will need to train your employees so that they won’t make mistakes and the time they spend trying to operate doesn’t affect the collective productivity. Encourage them to use the resources available in the system.

Ask the staff to document everything they do on the system and what the most efficient way to accomplish the tasks is, so that future new employees understand the purpose of each function.

Free software business management systems

This should not be the first nor the last time that you analyze the pros and cons of adopting a management system. For your business (small or medium), adhering to a management system can ease some internal processes, but it takes a good part of your monthly budget.

If your company is starting now, you know the importance of investment in technology that help you project your profit. At the same time, you will realize the need to have a management software and, for this, we will show you some free options.
Meet some of the software that won’t interfere in your pocket and will help you improve productivity.


Crossloop is a remote system that can save you if your computer stops working. It connects you with a reliable expert of your database or even with other users to exchange information and find a solution. For example, if you have a problem with your antivirus, just do a search on the site to find people online willing to help.


The reports in a company are usually printed multiple times, undergoing modifications until reaching the final version and in your company it must not be any different, is it? Dropbox allows you to share files in a much more practical way, besides being sustainable. Documents can be shared using any computer or smartphone, since the user is registered for free on the platform.

Manic Time

As a small business, at some point you will start to have a satisfactory number of customers and will need to increase productivity so you don’t have to spend day and night working to meet the demand.

For that, you need to optimize your working time, specially your employees’ time. Manic Time is a tool that will help you have this control, since it was made to store everything that has been done on the computer during the time worked. So, you know how your employees have spent their time.

At the end of the day, the software sends a report showing what the performance was that day. It is much better to have a tool like this than keep checking what your employee is producing or if they are taking more than enough time to deliver demands.

Open Drive

There is nothing more nerve-racking than arriving at the company to run a meeting just to realize you forgot the flash drive. Has this already happened with you? If you leave the laptop at home, you’ve probably been there and know how horrible it is.

Thinking about it, Open Drive works like a virtual flash drive. Cool, isn’t it? You store all the files in the web, and there are also functions that allow sharing documents, synchronizing folders and creating a link in the e-mail that directs you to a particular file. Just like Dropbox, the Open Drive is free, but after reaching the limit, you need to buy a license to have more space available for new files.

Open Office

This software works as a replacement for the Microsoft Office package. You can write documents, create spreadsheets, slide shows and have a database.


E-mails are very important documents and if we don’t pay attention while reading and don’t define a way to organize them, the day will come when you won’t be able to find any information, besides reaching your storage capacity.

Losing e-mails because they were accidentally deleted or moved to the wrong folder and ended up getting mixed up with everything else happens when you want to clean your inbox in a hurry without paying enough attention. If this occurs often with you, Xobni will help you overcome it.

It is an efficient search engine for Outlook that helps find information such as contacts, social networking profiles and attachments. The proposal is that you access the e-mail through the platform so the software can help you gather all the data about the messages from your e-mail address.

Improve your company’s management system

A corporate system that does the management only brings benefits, especially for small businesses, such as optimization of the processes, assertiveness in decision-making and costs reduce.

Thinking about it, and after teaching you how to choose a management system, prevent risks and recommend some software to optimize your work, you will learn how to improve your business management system with some tips.

Even if you haven’t started using any management software yet, it’s important that you know the strategic points to be developed and apply them in the implementation of your management system.

Run a survey of general results of your company to deeply understand the major difficulties and what the critical points for your business are. After this survey, it is much clearer where the points to be developed are and also those that are efficient and generate results.

Mapping internal processes allows you to identify the most vulnerable stages and bring transparency in information. This will help you and it’ll be very useful in case of an auditing or inspection.

When implementing a system in your company, you need to be aware that this action will change the culture of your company and the employees need to be instructed so that it doesn’t affect productivity and generates the expected result (which is increasing productivity and improving quality).

Instruct your team to comply with the internal processes exactly as they are. If your company doesn’t follow a script, then you better start creating rules. Every department must have their well-defined routines, otherwise the employee ends up doing what they think is important and that’s not always the best solution.

Incorporating a business system, regarding management, is to create a way to facilitate the flow of information so that the manager can make decisions based on real and reliable data. However, in order for that to happen the most assertive way, your staff must do what’s best and believe in the organizational purpose.

All these changes arising from the new management software will come with change in organizational culture and adoption of best practices in the market, as well as the search for basic understanding of the concepts that are inherent in each company’s business.

Are you ready to face new changes and increase productivity and, consequently, the profit of your company? Contact our team of experts to find out how we can help you achieve your goal.

Face the challenge and become a successful entrepreneur. Now you have enough knowledge to optimize your processes and choose the most appropriate software for your company.

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