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6 tips to work on your team motivation

One of the most essentials skills in a manager is motivation. A motivated leader can manage their team, make it work in harmony, yielding satisfactory results for the organization. Are you a business manager? Then you know what we're talking about.

One of the most essentials skills in a manager is motivation. A motivated leader can manage their team, make it work in harmony, yielding satisfactory results for the organization. Are you a business manager? Then you know what we’re talking about.

The staff relies on the management leadership as well as on the recognition of their work. Feeling that contributions are valid ennoble employees and it is your role as a leader to keep them motivated in the workplace.

The good relationship between people in a team contributes directly to the agility of the business management processes, in addition to improving the environment in which they work. Never forget that companies are made up of people and they need to feel free to perform their tasks.

Thinking about it and how you need to work on the motivation of your staff, we have selected a few tips to guide your next steps as a manager and meet some of the greatest leaders of world history for inspiration.

Motivation in the workplace

1. Make use of storytelling

Know how to tell good stories and use them in your favor. Your team’s ability to assimilate narrative is present since they were five years old and it is a factor that you can work on for better absorbing any kind of knowledge. Through storytelling, you must create arguments to convince your team or even your audience.

2. Meet the personal motivations of your team

Giving a single speech and assuming that everyone in your team will receive your message the same way is a very common mistake. Every person faces everyday struggles and you don’t even know what they are. So, find ways to talk to the particularity of each employee in your team and motivate them that way.

3. Plan the future

All the investments made in your company need to be strategic in order to generate the results you expect. The same way investments are made in top notch management systems, you need to invest in your team. Most of the employees work longing for the future and a higher position. And, just like the great leaders, you must take that into consideration in your motivational arguments.

4. Don’t say what your team wants to hear

You shouldn’t say just what your team wants to hear. By doing this you may end up creating a situation of self-indulgence in a short term, “kicking the can down the road” when it could have already been solved.

Think of an employee who does a good work, but needs to be cut and polished to achieve better results. Despite this situation, you praise this employee’s work. However, there will come a time when the truth will come out and your employee might feel demotivated and your word will lose value.

The most efficient way to work on motivation inside and outside of the workplace is by being transparent hence enhancing the qualities of your team and identifying the gaps, helping to overcome them. This way, your organization will increase productivity with quality results.

5. Recognize and encourage

By taking the leadership of your company, show respect and interest in your team’s opinion. Learn from your employees and put the good ideas into practice. A good way to motivate an employee is by recognizing the quality of the work performed.

Give your team autonomy to solve small problems. This only brings benefits to the company, because you can free up some space on your calendar to focus on the most important decisions and your team will feel motivated to make decisions.

6. Learn to communicate

And out last tip, without a doubt, is the basis for all the others you’ve learned so far. Your team needs to trust their leader in order to be motivated. Communication is the key to trust.

Your good ideas and points of view will be accepted if you know how to expose them to all areas of your business, ensuring the involvement of employees in the process of change such as the optimization of the processes.

You are the one who will make a difference as a leader. Your attitude should be of a catalyst, making your employees feel important and valued. Learn to listen, show your respect and communicate with everyone. Their motivation is your motivation for wanting an increasingly efficient company.

The motivation and the great leaders

Successful leaders are those who can include other people in their great ideas, influencing directly the system in which they are part of and contributing to the growth of all involved.

The greatest success you can achieve as a leader is the legacy that will be built during the time you hold the manager position. To inspire you, here are some of the greatest leaders recognized worldwide for their ability of motivation and leadership.

Bill Gates

“My kids will have computers, of course. But they will have books first. Without books, without reading, our children will be unable to write – even their own history.”

Walt Disney

“One day I learned that dreams exist to be made true. And since that day, I don’t sleep to rest. Now I dream just for dreams.”

Nelson Mandela

“It is better leading from behind and putting others ahead, especially when we’re celebrating a victory of a great thing that had happened. But you must take the front line when there is danger. This way people will appreciate your leadership.”

Steve Jobs

“To succeed, you must love what you do. Otherwise, taking into account only the rational side, you simply give up. That’s what happens to most people ”

Martin Luther King

“If you can’t fly, run. If you can’t run, walk. If you can’t walk, crawl, but continue straight anyway.”

With all these tips and inspirations from great leaders in the history of the world, you are ready to work on the motivation of your team. Share with us your opinion in the comments.