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6 tips to boost your personal productivity

It has never been so important to learn about time management as in the past few years, right?

It has never been so important to learn about time management as in the past few years, right? It seems like 24 hours a day is not enough and it threatens our personal productivity. Truth be told, we cannot embrace the world.

Knowing your own limits is the first step towards a calmer life without caring for personal productivity loss. Establishing goals for everything you need to do benefits not only you, but your work rhythm as well.

Basically you need to boost your productivity in three steps: determining an organization method for your tasks, overcoming fatigue and dedicating yourself to meet deadlines and make use of technological resources to help you throughout the process.

But that is not all of it. Personal productivity involves several elements. Do you want to know how to stand out and be a much more productive professional? Continue reading to put all tips into practice on a daily basis.

Personal productivity: Organization

There is not such a thing as good performance without organization. And that is a fact. You need to know when to perform each task and where everything you will need is. You must have already wasted a lot of time looking for something you did not put in the right place and it took you so long to find it you just gave up.

Living every day in a rush works as long as you use your time actually doing what you have to. Make organization a major principle for your personal productivity. If you often start a task and move on to the next one before finishing the first, you need to reconsider your organization method.

Let’s check the tips to be followed on the daily life. Changes do not happen overnight, but as you follow these steps every day you will be a much more productive professional.

  1. Get a day book

Get a day book and every morning check all your appointments that day. Estimate an average of how much time you intend to waste on each task so then you will not schedule a meeting with your director and a car inspection at the same time.

It sounds obvious, but you must have already scheduled appointments without considering travel time or something unexpected that could affect the next scheduled task. A very common example is doctors who schedule 15-minute appointments for each patient, but if there is a delay in the beginning of the day, the waiting room will be crowded with unsatisfied clients. You do not want people to be crabby because of you, especially if it is work related.

  1. Learn to say no

Saying “no” is not being mean. Whenever you cannot do something, or it is just unnecessary, say no. Accepting responsibilities you cannot deal with will only strain you professionally. Bear in mind your demands and schedule. If you cannot help, advise the person who reached you to find someone else who can actually solve their issue.

  1. Make things as simple as possible

You need focus to lead your personal productivity. Simplifying means prioritizing what matters the most. Sometimes not everything you do all day is indispensable.

Have you thought about the possibility of delegating demands (in case you are a company’s manager or owner)? Initially everything you do is essential, however, if you stop and analyze it thoroughly separating essential from important, there will be time to do everything within the 24 hours of the day. Including family and entertainment.

  1. Work to live, do not live to work

Your life is not only about the time you spend inside the company. Taking care of your family, home, health and eating well end up falling behind due to decisions we have to make at work.

  1. Concentrate

Overworking in a busy routine may cause a mental fatigue and endanger personal productivity. Planning your tasks improperly may cause distractions during the day. You might think it is all under control until you check your tasks and come across pending demands.

There are two approaches for you to maintain focus and concentration. The first is to take some rest and search for an occupation outside work, so it can release your tension. The second is to use apps to take notes and schedule tasks. This way you will always have everything you need to do at hand.

  1. Choose your path and define your methods

It is impossible to focus on personal productivity if there are not any organization methods. Set a goal and work to achieve it. Start by establishing daily goals and do your best to accomplish them.

Personal productivity in corporate processes

The tips you have learned here are aimed at improving your personal productivity and the main reflection you will see in your corporate processes productivity, which come to be implemented with high performance employees’ suggestions.

Companies have adopted processes as management tools because they understood that adhering to this methodology to optimize gains prevents inefficiency to take place. It is recommended to document all steps in the process, as well as the data that subsided the corporate processes implantation.

Productivity enhancement technologies guarantee the efficiency in these processes as well as the employees’ personal productivity.

Nowadays it is possible to find process management systems in the market which focus on quality and agility to better serve your client. This is the simplest, fastest and most flexible way to increase productivity.

Reviewing intern processes has become standard practice in companies that are going through tough times. After that, managers are the ones who promptly notice improvement in efficient processes.

Constantly enhancing your processes contributes to the corporate processes efficiency and makes the employees’ job more productive

Now with these tips you are ready to change your routine and be a reference in productivity

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